TMG Patch für Femap 2020 verfügbar

Installation Instructions
** Installing a solver patch for NX:
* Copy the patch to the nxcae_extras directory and extract the solver files
** Installing a solver patch for FEMAP:
* Copy the patch to the FEMAP installation directory and extract the solver files
** Note: To preserve the original tmg solver files, rename the tmg directory before installing the patch.
TMG Version 2020.1.6
** Bug
* [TF-6045] – IBM – Humidity fatal error when external condition is set back to ambient
* [TF-7285] – Plateau Convergence for IBM Enablement Model
* [TF-7402] – The axi-duct does not work properly when coupled to an axi-mesh and the face of a 3D mesh
* [TF-7509] – Heat Generation not applied properly to 1-D duct element
* [TF-7525] – The HTC correlations would not work properly if the Air-Temperature-Dependent-Gas is used
* [TF-7531] – Convergence criteria (coupled steady state) shown on convergence graph not respecting UI set values
* [TF-7537] – Total temperature effects does not work properly-Ducts
* [TF-7540] – Element IDs are incorrect in INPF for Total Temperature Effects for ducts
* [TF-7556] – Issue in ducts when HTC of thermal coupling is in the form of expression
* [TF-7573] – Parallel coupled QA’s sometimes fail with one fewer coupled iteration
** New Feature
* [TF-7467] – Separate 1DCFD from any dependency on the source code and create a separate VS project
* [TF-7499] – Multibody stream selection on face
TMG Version 2020.1.5
** Bug
* [TF-6861] – Investigate randomness in some OCTOPUS Qas
* [TF-6961] – About the phenomenon that the load is applied repeatedly at the same time.
* [TF-7099] – AXISYMM Card is not written in INPF when only Axi-duct exists in a thermal-flow model
* [TF-7183] – Issue with Dirichlet BC for Inlet in Generic Transport Equation
* [TF-7225] – Investigate the mesh/graph inconsistency in a bad quality mesh
* [TF-7240] – VSTS26399 – Orthotropic materials give incorrect result with the FE solver
* [TF-7316] – Incorrect mapping results on parabolic plane stress elements
* [TF-7333] – Results in Between Region Reports need to be verified
* [TF-7342] – Issue warning for innacurate Imbalances in Log file for IBM
* [TF-7409] – Residual name fetched for epsilon and omega turbulence equations is not correct
** New Feature
* [TF-7312] – Support Ibm Symmetry BC in GenericTransportEq
* [TF-7457] – Provide option to disable gray environmental view factors
* [TF-7477] – Merge Laplacian mesh mover to 2020.1
TMG Version 2020.1.3
** Bug
* [TF-4542] – MP Thermal only solve does not checkout Adv Thermal Solve license
* [TF-5735] – CO2 leakage: Issue with tracer fluid in IBM
* [TF-6859] – thermal coupling simulation object/temp. dependence uses = primary temp. = error
* [TF-6885] – Femap: VUFAC crashes for a model containing parabolic elements and non-homogeneous multi-layer shells
* [TF-7112] – Turbulence dissipation reaction distributed vector is never synchronized
** Task
* [TF-7086] – Change IbmNeumannBc to IbmExtrapolationBc for Outlet Bc in Generic Transport equation
TMG Version 2020.1.2
** Bug
* [TF-6531] – Radiation to environment yields vanishing steady-state temperature
* [TF-6620] – Revisit the shape functions of the pyramid element
* [TF-6707] – FemapTMG crashes if a BC is applied on a group with deleted elements
* [TF-6809] – Solar Heating Space incident flux mismatch
* [TF-6867] – Optical property states do not work with multilayer shells.
* [TF-6868] – Femap TMG panel issue in 2019.1
* [TF-6888] – Femap: INPF does not write multi-layer shell layers depending on the first layer’s physical property
* [TF-6899] – DS120 in flow.gem is wrong
* [TF-6914] – TEMPTARGET and TEMPDIFFTARGET not working properly in thermal parallel simulations
* [TF-6922] – Crash in the secant method
* [TF-6942] – Results for the case with the immersed ducts are wrong
* [TF-6948] – Add a MSC check and warning if the first layer of a multi-layer shell is not valid
* [TF-6998] – rsltgen.exe crash if run QAs with debug mode
* [TF-7007] – Implementation mistake in the generalized wall function used in NIECE
* [TF-7018] – Run crashes in ANALYZ if referencing the mass flow at a point
** New Feature
* [TF-5255] – Report wall temperatures on fluid ducts
* [TF-6607] – Put UGII_BASE_DIR value into log
* [TF-6864] – Introduce fatalling for the unsupported cases for FEMCOND
* [TF-6887] – Create unit test for all element methods.
* [TF-6946] – Problem in restart with ablation
TMG Version 2020.1.1
** Bug
* [TF-3407] – FEMAP: Mesh can not be deleted
* [TF-6292] – [SC Flow] Partitioner terminated abnormally
* [TF-6304] – FSI: TWO_WAY_COUPLING parameter not written to flow.prm
* [TF-6445] – No notion of RFR Screen in log file
* [TF-6512] – IFTEST2 crashes in COND on emt32
* [TF-6542] – Load Results of multiple analyses partially removes previously loaded results
* [TF-6599] – Passive scalar transport equation not being solved in NX12
* [TF-6608] – Fix the implementation of “Upper Limit” and “Lower Limit” in NIECE for Flow Convergence
* [TF-6624] – Femap 2019.1 Element Temperature Display Issue
* [TF-6635] – Prevent the wall distance equation to be solved if the model doesn’t have no-slip walls
* [TF-6675] – Femap – Material ID and Thickness in INPF for Multi-layer Shells
* [TF-6677] – Femap – Renumbering Layers in Non-Uniform Multilayer Shells
* [TF-6688] – PFLOW195 – Fatal error with NaN SA_DELTA when using USE_WALL_DISTANCE_EQUATION = TRUE
* [TF-6702] – t12 crashes if I include streams/voids/convecting zones
* [TF-6703] – Crash in ESCRR on cluster with large model
* [TF-6796] – Femap: Thermal coupling selection is lost if it is edited
* [TF-6799] – Max number of CPUs is throttled in Thermal.
* [TF-6811] – Implicit void derivatives update
* [TF-6825] – An error occurs if specific heat is not set in the material of Protective Layers
* [TF-6838] – FEMAP executive menu is missing the options to run from xml
* [TF-6849] – Issue with Maya licensing support
** New Feature
* [TF-6005] – Standardize the output of memory stats
* [TF-6585] – Support time varying heat load on non-geometric elements
* [TF-6646] – Take into the account environmental variables to load plugins
* [TF-6818] – Thermal/Flow coupled Femap model gives tmgpanel.exe crash when loading the results