Femap 2021.1 MP2 verfügbar

Simcenter Femap 2021

Dear Simcenter Femap Customer:

We are pleased to inform you that Simcenter Femap v2021.1 MP 2 has been released. Femap v2021.1 MP 2 is available for download from Customer Support, in the „Femap“, „Femap 2021.1“ section. For more information, see „Installation“ section below.

Femap 2021.1 MP 2 addresses several issues in 2021.1 and 2021.1 MP 1, including the issue described in SFB-PL8523191, along with adding some small upgrades to existing functionality.

It is highly recommended that all 2021.1 or 2021.1 MP 1 customers switch to 2021.1 MP 2. Customers upgrading from previous versions of Femap should install 2021.1 MP 2, not 2021.1 or 2020.1 MP 1.

Complete details of the new features and bug fixes in Femap 2021.1 MP 2 (as well as all releases back to v10.0) can be found in the /pdf/readme.pdf file that is installed with Femap 2021.1 MP 2.

Femap 2021.1 MP 2 is 100% licensing and database compatible with 2021.1 and 2021.1 MP 1

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Femap product.


The Simcenter Femap Team




If you have already upgraded to Femap 2021.1 or 2021.1 MP 1, it is recommended to download and use the update to 2021.1 MP 2 instead of downloading the full installation.