TMG Patch für Femap 2020 verfügbar

Installation Instructions
** Installing a solver patch for NX:
* Copy the patch to the nxcae_extras directory and extract the solver files
** Installing a solver patch for FEMAP:
* Copy the patch to the FEMAP installation directory and extract the solver files
** Note: To preserve the original tmg solver files, rename the tmg directory before installing the patch.
TMG Version 2020.1.6
** Bug
* [TF-6045] – IBM – Humidity fatal error when external condition is set back to ambient
* [TF-7285] – Plateau Convergence for IBM Enablement Model
* [TF-7402] – The axi-duct does not work properly when coupled to an axi-mesh and the face of a 3D mesh
* [TF-7509] – Heat Generation not applied properly to 1-D duct element
* [TF-7525] – The HTC correlations would not work properly if the Air-Temperature-Dependent-Gas is used
* [TF-7531] – Convergence criteria (coupled steady state) shown on convergence graph not respecting UI set values
* [TF-7537] – Total temperature effects does not work properly-Ducts
* [TF-7540] – Element IDs are incorrect in INPF for Total Temperature Effects for ducts
* [TF-7556] – Issue in ducts when HTC of thermal coupling is in the form of expression
* [TF-7573] – Parallel coupled QA’s sometimes fail with one fewer coupled iteration
** New Feature
* [TF-7467] – Separate 1DCFD from any dependency on the source code and create a separate VS project
* [TF-7499] – Multibody stream selection on face
TMG Version 2020.1.5
** Bug
* [TF-6861] – Investigate randomness in some OCTOPUS Qas
* [TF-6961] – About the phenomenon that the load is applied repeatedly at the same time.
* [TF-7099] – AXISYMM Card is not written in INPF when only Axi-duct exists in a thermal-flow model
* [TF-7183] – Issue with Dirichlet BC for Inlet in Generic Transport Equation
* [TF-7225] – Investigate the mesh/graph inconsistency in a bad quality mesh
* [TF-7240] – VSTS26399 – Orthotropic materials give incorrect result with the FE solver
* [TF-7316] – Incorrect mapping results on parabolic plane stress elements
* [TF-7333] – Results in Between Region Reports need to be verified
* [TF-7342] – Issue warning for innacurate Imbalances in Log file for IBM
* [TF-7409] – Residual name fetched for epsilon and omega turbulence equations is not correct
** New Feature
* [TF-7312] – Support Ibm Symmetry BC in GenericTransportEq
* [TF-7457] – Provide option to disable gray environmental view factors
* [TF-7477] – Merge Laplacian mesh mover to 2020.1
TMG Version 2020.1.3
** Bug
* [TF-4542] – MP Thermal only solve does not checkout Adv Thermal Solve license
* [TF-5735] – CO2 leakage: Issue with tracer fluid in IBM
* [TF-6859] – thermal coupling simulation object/temp. dependence uses = primary temp. = error
* [TF-6885] – Femap: VUFAC crashes for a model containing parabolic elements and non-homogeneous multi-layer shells
* [TF-7112] – Turbulence dissipation reaction distributed vector is never synchronized
** Task
* [TF-7086] – Change IbmNeumannBc to IbmExtrapolationBc for Outlet Bc in Generic Transport equation
TMG Version 2020.1.2
** Bug
* [TF-6531] – Radiation to environment yields vanishing steady-state temperature
* [TF-6620] – Revisit the shape functions of the pyramid element
* [TF-6707] – FemapTMG crashes if a BC is applied on a group with deleted elements
* [TF-6809] – Solar Heating Space incident flux mismatch
* [TF-6867] – Optical property states do not work with multilayer shells.
* [TF-6868] – Femap TMG panel issue in 2019.1
* [TF-6888] – Femap: INPF does not write multi-layer shell layers depending on the first layer’s physical property
* [TF-6899] – DS120 in flow.gem is wrong
* [TF-6914] – TEMPTARGET and TEMPDIFFTARGET not working properly in thermal parallel simulations
* [TF-6922] – Crash in the secant method
* [TF-6942] – Results for the case with the immersed ducts are wrong
* [TF-6948] – Add a MSC check and warning if the first layer of a multi-layer shell is not valid
* [TF-6998] – rsltgen.exe crash if run QAs with debug mode
* [TF-7007] – Implementation mistake in the generalized wall function used in NIECE
* [TF-7018] – Run crashes in ANALYZ if referencing the mass flow at a point
** New Feature
* [TF-5255] – Report wall temperatures on fluid ducts
* [TF-6607] – Put UGII_BASE_DIR value into log
* [TF-6864] – Introduce fatalling for the unsupported cases for FEMCOND
* [TF-6887] – Create unit test for all element methods.
* [TF-6946] – Problem in restart with ablation
TMG Version 2020.1.1
** Bug
* [TF-3407] – FEMAP: Mesh can not be deleted
* [TF-6292] – [SC Flow] Partitioner terminated abnormally
* [TF-6304] – FSI: TWO_WAY_COUPLING parameter not written to flow.prm
* [TF-6445] – No notion of RFR Screen in log file
* [TF-6512] – IFTEST2 crashes in COND on emt32
* [TF-6542] – Load Results of multiple analyses partially removes previously loaded results
* [TF-6599] – Passive scalar transport equation not being solved in NX12
* [TF-6608] – Fix the implementation of “Upper Limit” and “Lower Limit” in NIECE for Flow Convergence
* [TF-6624] – Femap 2019.1 Element Temperature Display Issue
* [TF-6635] – Prevent the wall distance equation to be solved if the model doesn’t have no-slip walls
* [TF-6675] – Femap – Material ID and Thickness in INPF for Multi-layer Shells
* [TF-6677] – Femap – Renumbering Layers in Non-Uniform Multilayer Shells
* [TF-6688] – PFLOW195 – Fatal error with NaN SA_DELTA when using USE_WALL_DISTANCE_EQUATION = TRUE
* [TF-6702] – t12 crashes if I include streams/voids/convecting zones
* [TF-6703] – Crash in ESCRR on cluster with large model
* [TF-6796] – Femap: Thermal coupling selection is lost if it is edited
* [TF-6799] – Max number of CPUs is throttled in Thermal.
* [TF-6811] – Implicit void derivatives update
* [TF-6825] – An error occurs if specific heat is not set in the material of Protective Layers
* [TF-6838] – FEMAP executive menu is missing the options to run from xml
* [TF-6849] – Issue with Maya licensing support
** New Feature
* [TF-6005] – Standardize the output of memory stats
* [TF-6585] – Support time varying heat load on non-geometric elements
* [TF-6646] – Take into the account environmental variables to load plugins
* [TF-6818] – Thermal/Flow coupled Femap model gives tmgpanel.exe crash when loading the results

Femap 2020.1 freigegeben

Siemens hat Femap 2020.1 freigegeben und die Software kann aus dem Supportbereich unserer Webseite heruntergeladen werden. Kunden mit laufendem Wartungsvertrag erhalten in den nächsten Tagen die Updatecode/Lizenzfiles per E-Mail. Datenträger werden von Siemens für diese Version nicht zur Verfügung gestellt, wir schicken Ihnen jedoch auf Wunsch gerne eine DVD zu.  Eine Übersicht der Neuerungen ist auf dieser Seite aufgeführt:

Femap 2020.1 – neue Funktionen und Erweiterungen

FloEFD 2019.4 freigegeben

  • Illuminance Near field and Far field plot. You can now display Illuminance (incoming radiant flux adjusted for the capability of human eye to see the light, i.e. intensity of visible light) plot in the near field (close to the light source) and Luminous Intensity versus angle far away from the light source (so that the source can be considered as point source).
  • LED additional rays. You can now add additional rays for a radiated LED (a LED with radiation source automatically enabled once you set LEDs radiation properties).
  • Radiation absorption cut-off wavelength. You can now specify a radiation wavelength above which the material is considered to be opaque.
  • Import Structure function. Structure function (RC ladder) from T3Ster (*.xCTM) can now be imported into Network Assembly.
  • Via material selection. All vias in SmartPCB can be assigned with either dielectric or copper material or excluded from the calculation.
  • FMU support. Functional Mock-up Interface is now supported by FLOEFD (version 2.0). FMU export and FMU import allows to perform co-simulations of FLOEFD with various simulation tools supporting FMI.
  • Export forces. The new export of forces makes it easier to interface FLOEFD with Simcenter 3D Motion.
  • Component Control filters. You can show hidden or duplicated components in the Component Control dialog.
  • Plot Min Max values use crop. Plot Min and Max values are now calculated taking into account the plot’s crop.

Eine detailierte Übersicht der Neuerungen in den Versionen 2019.1 bis 2019.4 ist in diesem Dokument verfügbar: Simcenter_FloEFD_Whats_New_2019.1-2019.4